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Under the Dog anime project directed by Masahiro Ando (Sword of the Stranger, Blast of Tempest, CANAAN)

Under the Dog takes place in 2025 in Neo Tokyo, five years after a devastating terrorist attack at the Tokyo Olympics. In the wake of the tragedy, the U.N. formed a covert ops unit dedicating to seeking out, then eliminating those responsible for the attack. Anthea Kallenberg, a girl of Swedish descent is a member of this elite group who has honed her combat abilities and has become a deadly assassin, but must come to terms as to who she really is.

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Hayao Miyazaki talking about his passion for animation while seeing the world through his fascinating career. From the documentary: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

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I can’t sleep, and all I can think about is having someone next to me, to hold and just feel comfort next to. To cuddle.

After a relationship, you start to enjoy having a bed all to yourself. Being able to stretch and roll around as much as you want. Having a blanket all to yourself. However, as time goes by, you slowly start taking up less and less space and you begin to find ways to fill the void. Phone, pillows, blankets, etc. After awhile, that doesn’t work. So, my sister’s dog is cuddling next to me.

But I still can’t sleep. It’s not the same.